Wikify is a plugin for Adobe XD which helps insert Wikipedia content into elements in design files.
Steps to use Wikify:
1. Select a text field or an image container or both
2. Run the plugin
3. Search the content you want to insert in the plugin
4. Press wikify
Go ahead and jumpstart your designs. No more Lorem Ipsum. Enjoy! 

Wikify Demo

Usage notes:
1. The licenses of the content have to be acquired and used separately.
2. Wikify does not support adding content to RepeatGrids or Artboards.
3. While using Wikify on elements within a group or a symbol, make sure the specific element is selected rather than the group or symbol itself.
4. Wikify does not support Wikipedia images which are in SVG format.
5. Some searches will not have text/image content available. Try a different search word in that case.
6. Wikify works best for generic searches.
7. Some images in Wikipedia are large and would take longer times to download.

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